Drive technology

Our long-standing experience in drive technology includes the planning and implementation of drive systems and regulations.

GESAT has carried out projects around the world in many areas with a variety of inverter and power converter systems. Our further knowledge area includes among others the programming of fast drive control systems for various applications, such as Siemens Simadyn D and Alstom Logidyn.

Our range of service

  • Network studies, feed, load behavior, compensations
  • Concept creation of drive technology with all boundary conditions
  • Design, calculation of one and four quadrants U and I inverters in all performance ranges
  • Configuration and programming of drive control systems
  • Torque, speed and position control inverter-fed DC and three-phase drives
  • Synchronous operation, dancer of tension controls, winders, multi-motor drives
  • Preparation of documentation
  • Integration into higher-level automation systems via bus, such as Profibus DP

We offer these above-mentioned benefits in many applications, whether. In the building or in rolling mills GESAT leads the commissioning and servicing of the systems by the spot. Not only in Asia, we have, inter alia, a service team with all available test beds support directly to customers quickly and reliably.