About us

GESAT GmbH, the specialist for satellite communication solutions since 1989, has been a long-standing partner of authorities and agencies at federal, state and local level, as well as of emergency services, CRITIS companies and companies that want or need to maintain their business continuity.

For more than 30 years, we have been helping to maintain the communication capability and the associated security of our customers in regular and emergency operations. We want to raise awareness that the foundation of resilience in the German economy is based on ensuring one’s own ability to communicate in the event of a loss (e.g. power failure, flood, attack on IT). Therefore, prevention is the armoury for emergencies.

As one of the leading providers of satellite communication, we offer you manufacturer-independent hardware as well as services, installation and billing – all from a single source: complete turnkey solutions, in-house developments, remote maintenance, emergency communication, backup solutions, telematics systems and much more.

Our solutions offer, among other things, secure 1:1, 1:n and n:n communication in crises and emergency situations. Whether within an organisation or across the board with authorities and all participating companies. Either via satellite communication or via functioning internet connections.