Since August 2011 the establishment of the independent company in China has been completed.

The new office address:
GESAT Automation & Technique (Shanghai)  Co., Ltd.
Room 203, Block A-7 Jiahua Business Plaza,
No. 808 Hongqiao Road, Shanghai, 200030, China

Phone: +86 21 56727305   (+6h CET)

We are pleased in this way to introduce you our new location and the resulting benefit for the customers and partners.

Benefit for the customer and the manufacturer are amongst others:

  • GESAT office in Shanghai can guarantee fast and comprehensive service for products.
  • The Chinese colleagues are prepared and trained for the products of your company
  • Direct support can be completed in the Chinese language, in order to guarantee so that a higher efficiency and short ways.
  • Further in the future projects in Shanghai are to be completed as well, thus customers will have completion in national language and project courses will be optimized.
  • With the customers of many years of the company GESAT in China, further market potentials can be used and developed.