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Why do we work with the company GESAT mbH!

Already since 1999, while our “Red Earth Expedition” – “7.000 km on foot and by camel through Australia’s Outback,” we report online in our blog. Through regular and reliable transmission the blog was called up to 43.000 times a month. Today it is not an impossible challenge any more for a report from the center of a desert, 1,000 kilometers away from all human civilization or in the middle of the isolated jungle. Quite the contrary, it had already become a reliable and affordable reality to operate diary online, maintain a website and keep contact with the outside world sometimes in emergency.

During our expeditions, we use the satellite modem “Inmarsat BGAN Explorer 300” of GESAT.

The BGAN 300 is only 1.3 kg, fit just in every jacket pocket with his Din A5 size and is also very user-friendly. Phone calls, faxes, SMS, Internet access and e-mail are easily doable with this little device.
Our documentation work only works reliably if we have a ruggedized outdoor laptop. The brand new GESATBOOK 301 for us is the optimal choice. With its body case made of a magnesium-aluminum alloy, it is very robust and weighs only 2.5 kg. It is shock and water resistant, has a sunlight-readable display, a built-in GPS receiver, DVD drive and much more. For us GESATBOOK 301 means the support column of the documentation and is therefore one of the most important equipment of our expeditions.
For transmission, the BGAN EXPLORER 300 is associated with the GESATBOOK 301 (plug and play). Once the satellite modem has been connected to a satellite, we can send our experiences written down, this time pictures, in the ether just like sending a regular e-mail and also make them on our homepage.
Since 1999 we have been working with GESAT in the communication area. The GESAT is a national and international operating engineering company with many business areas. Undoubtedly the center of excellence in satellite communications in German-speaking, we are very glad such a reliable partner at our side.
Here we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Hubert Einetter for the long-term, uncomplicated, professional and friendly cooperation.

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