Electrical engineering – low, medium and high voltage systems and networks

Our qualified team of employees is available for projects and individual service packages in the area of energy planning:

  • Professional calculation of electrical low voltage systems and creation of distribution plans
    (in accordance with VDE, RGIE, NIN2010, IEC 60364, HD384, Ö-Norm, HD 384, C150002, CEI, NIBT)

    • Calculation of safeguards (backup protection) and selectivity considerations
    • Consideration of all fixed parameters from normal current and emergency current sources
    • Check of phase adjustment and symmetrical load distribution
    • In simulations, the most unfavorable cases can be viewed and conformity of the network with all operating conditions can be simulated
    • Creation of typicals, overview diagrams, calculation proofs, selectivity extracts, mass extracts for tenders, etc.
  • Professional design, calculation and testing of electrical medium and high voltage systems up to 110 kV
    (in accordance with IEC 60909, VDE 276, EN 60-909)

    • Selection and testing of cables and wires
    • Calculation of short-circuit currents for dimensioning the switching devices and protective devices – maximum short-circuit current (effective and peak value) and minimum short-circuit current
    • Calculation of fuse tripping times
    • Creation of extensive documentation for:
      • Description of operating conditions
      • Calculation of IC and voltage drops
      • Verification of conformity for cables according to all operating conditions
    • Consideration of manufacturer data of motors
    • Checking the integration of generators or generator units of all manufacturers
    • Creation of overview circuit diagrams, calculation proofs and tripping curves
  • professional 2D / 3D CAD planning and automatic cable routing for electrical engineering
    (Planning and design of electrical systems made possible using your own libraries created under AutoCAD)

    • As a result of standard-compliant calculation, the corresponding dimensioning of marked-out routes can be carried out automatically
    • Length calculation of cables and dimensioning of cable ducts and their layers with automatic creation of cable lists and material extracts for track construction
    • Representation of the current account of the circuits
    • Dimensioning of cable ducts and automatic measurement of cable routes as well as creation of cross sections
    • Lighting planning for switchgear areas according to ASR
    • Creation of parts lists and legends for building construction and civil engineering
  • Consulting
    • Maintenance support
    • Advice on technical connection conditions (TAB) of network operators and possible extension measures with them
    • Preparation of risk analyzes as SIFA and consultation and analysis with the operator
    • Consulting in insurance services according to the standard of FM Global
    • Advice on selection of economically sensible cable cross sections, fuses and circuit breakers as required by the standard
    • General system-independent advice regarding, for example, the realization, optimization and modification of circuit breakers and load control boards as well as MCC fields
  • Worldwide service
    • Support during commissioning
    • Testing and calculation of reactive current compensation integration
    • Preparation of independent international tenders for low voltage and middle voltage switchgear according to IEC in German, English, Russian and Arabic as well as evaluation, negotiation and acceptance of such
    • Construction and project management for low voltage, middle voltage and high voltage grids/networks and their realization
    • Construction and project management for turbines (gas, steam and diesel) as well as generators

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