At the beginning the process  automation was in the focus of our company. Since 1989 GESAT has accumulated a large potential of experience in this area.

Not only by the configuration of different automation systems, even the most diverse technological areas or sectors of the automotive industry to sugar factory, were and are offering a great challenge to optimal solutions for our project engineers.

With our vendor independence we are already in the consultation phase not product-oriented but solution-oriented.

Many questions arise for the realization of an automation concept, from the flexibility to the integration of business structures. This complexity of the systems to review by clients is very labor intensive and costly. GESAT may already produced important contributions and solutions work to help you to make the right decision for your project.

Contact us, our performance will inspire you.

A short overview of the main features for the automation solutions and services of GESAT:

  • Corporate management level:
    Production planning (PP-PI), material management, quality assurance, data integration of the necessary data from the process, product trials.
  • Plant Operations level:
    Management of production orders, and batch organization, production scheduling, material flow and consumption, process analysis for optimization.
  • Production level:
    Layer protocols, materials management, evaluation of relevant data for process optimization, batch records, personnel scheduling, quality assurance.
  • Process management level:
    Process visualization, data acquisition, process control, recipies and batch flows, basic operations, basic logic functions, single device controlling, field bus and subsystem linking, video monitoring.
    Of course, we are happy to support you in commissioning and servicing automation systems.

Automation systems (for example)

  • ABB (Hartmann & Braun)
  • Bernecker + Rainer (B&R)
  • Beckhoff
  • Converteam (Alstom, AEG)
  • Emerson
  • HIMA
  • Honeywell
  • Mitsubishi
  • Rockwell (Allen Bradley)
  • RTP Corp.
  • Schneider Electric (Modicon & Telemecanique)
  • Siemens
  • Yokogawa